Urgent help

Coping with common issues

Feelings change from day to day for most people. Sometimes though, you might decide that you need some help with what's going on in your head. Choose from the common issues below for information and tips on where to go for more help.

Feeling really stressed or worried?

Anxiety happens when your body starts reacting to a stressful situation or a worry in your mind. Managing this is the key.

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Do you worry about how you look? Perhaps you have feelings that you are not good enough at school or that nobody cares about you? These are examples of negative self talk. Learn how to work towards having more positive self esteem.

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Do you feel very low or extremely sad?

When feelings of sadness or depression last for days or weeks at a time it could be time to get some support.

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Feeling angry?

For tips and advice on dealing with anger and details on who you can contact if you need further support. 

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Has someone close to you died?

There’s no right or wrong way to feel when someone you care about dies, but there might be people who can help with how you’re feeling.

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Celebrating difference

We are all different and unique, that is something to celebrate! Celebrating our differences can enable us to open our minds to new ideas and experiences.

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Worried about your eating habits?

We all have different eating habits, but if the way you eat is taking over your life then  it could be a sign that you need support.  The earlier you get help the better.

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Worried about bullying?

Bullying can come in all different forms, and can make you feel isolated and even angry. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Drugs and alcohol

Are you worried that your alcohol or drug use is a problem? Straight advice and information.

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LGBTQ+ support

For information about coming out and what LGBTQ+ support is available, take a look here.

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Are you looking after someone else?

Being a young carer can be tough. Find out where to go for help and support.

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Feel like hurting yourself?

There are many different types of self-harm, often used to control feelings or situations. Find out how to get help.

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Worried about college or university?

How to get support with your wellbeing if you’re studying in North Yorkshire.

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Independent living

It’s important to be mentally AND physically healthy as you get older. Find out more about staying strong and living independently.

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Sexual Health

Looking after your sexual health is an important part of taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing. This page contains the information and links you need for support in North Yorkshire.

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Loneliness can affect everyone no matter their age.  Most young people feel lonely at times, but it can be difficult to talk about it and even more difficult to ask for help.

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Friendships and relationships

Friendships and relationships can bring so much joy. But sometimes they can be confusing and complicated. It’s important to think about what feels right for you in a friendship and relationship.

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Mental health conditions & medication

Understanding mental health is important. Find out more about different mental health conditions  and medication and mental health  on the Young Minds website.  Please note this is not medical advice, you should always talk to your doctor.

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Divorce and separation

There are lots of reasons people can separate or get a divorce. But if it happens, it’s not your fault. And we’ve got advice to help cope.

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Worried about money?

Worrying about money can really take its toll on your health. But if you are worried about money, there is lots of advice and information available to help you.

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Jobs and Careers

Thinking about getting a job for the first time or what career you want to purse can be overwhelming. But with the right skills and confidence, the world of work can be an exciting and inspiring place.

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