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If you work with children and young people, you’ll know that they experience a wide range of feelings, emotions and challenges. The Go-To contains resources, links and information to support professionals in North Yorkshire.

Information for GPs

It can often be confusing knowing what options are out there for your patients. We’ve made it easy for you by putting all this information in one place.

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Professional resources

Whatever your profession, you may be able to benefit from our resource bank, packed full of useful downloads.

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Services in North Yorkshire for young people

Wondering what North Yorkshire services are available and appropriate to a young person you know? We can help.

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Future in Mind North Yorkshire Strategy

Future In Mind North Yorkshire is a strategy to improve mental and emotional health for young people.

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As a professional, how can I help?

There’s no one way to work with young people with emotional & mental health concerns, but there are ways to make it easier…

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Downloadable Go-To resources

Posters to print out or download, and digital slides promoting the Go-To website.

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Support for self-harming behaviour

The North Yorkshire pathway of support for children and young people with self-harming behaviour and/or suicidal ideation has been developed to provide guidance for schools, professionals, families and young people.

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The Go-To Champions

Will you be a Champion for mental and emotional health? Would you like to spread the word about The Go-To? If you are interested in learning about opportunities available, we’d love to hear from you.

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Case studies

Here you will find examples of  some of the amazing work happening across North Yorkshire. If you would like to contribute to sharing the learning please get in touch.

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Are you a parent or carer?

Whether toddlers or teenagers, children can need emotional support – and for many reasons too. If you’re a parent or carer, we have resources which might help.

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Adult Mental Health

Looking after your own mental health is key to ensuring you can make the most of your potential, cope with life and play a full part in your family, workplace, community and among friends..

North Yorkshire Adult Mental Health information is here

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Find some key resources and information about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and mental health.

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Autism and Mental Health

Find some key resources and information about Autism and mental health.

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