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Autism and Mental Health

Like all of us, children and young people with Autism may experience challenges with their mental health. This page will help guide you to resources and information to help you support your child's mental health and wellbeing

Children and Young Peoples Autism Services

Visit the Humber and North Yorkshire Children and Young Peoples Autism services page for further information on autism providers, third sector help and advice, parent/carer support and key resources



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Unlocking Autism Programme

Free online course for parents and carers.






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Locality SEND Hubs

Locality SEND hubs allow families and schools to access support pre and post diagnosis from multi-disciplinary specialists on a neurodiversity needs led basis.




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Autism and Mental Health

Autism is a developmental condition, not a mental health condition. However, those with autism are more likely to experience mental health problems. You can find out more about autism and mental health on the Young Minds website.


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Solihull Approach

Free online courses for parents/carers based on the Solihull approach





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