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We think it's important to share best practice, so we can inspire others and help them on their way to improving mental health in children and young people. Here you will find examples of some of the amazing work happening across North Yorkshire. If you would like to contribute to sharing the learning please get in touch at [email protected]

Rossett Acre Primary School

At Rossett Acre Primary School in Harrogate, they recognise the importance of helping children explain and regulate their emotions. To find out more about this, read the following article The Zones of Regulation Article.

At Rossett Acre Primary they understand that a pupil’s happiness and their well-being, are the foundation for their success and that effective pastoral care underpins school life. Rossett Acre use 5 Ways to Wellbeing to promote positive wellbeing amongst their students.

Coppice Valley Primary School

At Coppice Valley Primary School in Harrogate, they recognise that good mental health is just as important as good physical health. Their journey into children’s mental health started with a lunch time Calm Club; a quiet place for children to go to if they were struggling socially at lunchtimes or just wanted some peace and quiet. Mindful doodling, guided meditation and Qi-Gong soon followed, becoming embedded in the schools teaching practice, showing immediate benefits on children’s emotional wellbeing and leading to the development of their mental health strategy.

Coppice Valley are passionate advocates for mental health, not just for their own school, but for all children. Mental health is part of the curriculum for every year group, where pupils are taught self-care techniques, how to recognise and manage emotions, and how to help others with their mental health. Teaching staff are also upskilled about children’s mental health through training by experts.

They have rapidly improved their attendance policy after persistent absence of disadvantaged and other vulnerable pupils, through their rapid new approach in making changes to their curriculum, behaviour policy, school vision and values. This includes defining a new vision of ‘Learners for Life’ and developing a curriculum offer of real-life learning opportunities and cultural experiences.

Visit the Coppice Valley Primary School website for more information including their Pupil Wellbeing Principles and Five Ways to Wellbeing guide. They have also put together three short videos on children’s wellbeing in school, these videos can be found below:

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