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Drugs and alcohol, information for 18 to 25

Whether you are worried about yourself or a friend, you can find more information below to help you know the facts and navigate tricky situations.


Drinking alcohol and getting drunk affects the way you think and feel. Alcohol can affect you even in small amounts. Decisions can be harder to make. And we think we can do more than if we’re sober. It’s one of the reasons so many serious accidents happen after people have been drinking lots of alcohol.


People choose to take drugs for all kinds of different reasons. It might be  to fit in with a group, or to try something new and find out what it’s like. Or it could be to deal with family problems, or cope with difficult experiences you’ve had.

Maybe you’ve been offered drugs, or you know other people who use them. If so, it’s a good idea to know the facts about drugs and alcohol, how they can affect your mental health, and where to go if you ever want help and advice. There are always risks involved when taking any kind of drug. Some drugs can be unsafe and could make you very ill. Talk to Frank has honest and straightforward information about drugs.

Peer Pressure

It can be hard to say ‘no’ to your friends if they are drinking or taking drugs and want you to join in. Becoming more assertive is a way you can say how you really feel without being mean or pushy. Read more about peer pressure and how you can stop it at Talk to Frank.

Getting More Help

Talking to family and friends about your worries can help you feel more supported. You might want to talk to someone outside the family like a GP, teacher or mentor at school, or even a friend’s parent. Choose someone you trust and if you find it difficult to talk about how you are feeling, you could write them a letter or send them a text. Support is also available through Childline, Compass BUZZ, Kooth and Recovery College Online.


Childline provides a free and confidential telephone service for children and young people up to the age of 19.

Visit Childline website Call 0800 1111


Compass BUZZ offers a confidential text messaging service, called BUZZ US, to young people aged 11-18 across North Yorkshire.

Visit Compass BUZZ website Call 07520 631168


Kooth online counselling is a free, safe and anonymous service for 11-18 year olds where young people can chat 1-2-1 with counsellors.

Visit Kooth website

Recovery College Online

The Recovery College Online provides a range of online educational courses and resources to people with mental illness.

Visit Recovery College Online website

North Yorkshire IAPT

IAPT is a national NHS programme designed to increase the availability of talking therapy treatments.

You can refer yourself if you are 17 or over and registered with a North Yorkshire GP.

Visit North Yorkshire IAPT website

Crisis Resolution and Intensive Home Treatment (CRHT) Team

The CRHT team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide specialist assessment for people aged 16+ who need urgent mental health care.

Visit TEWV website

North Yorkshire Horizons

North Yorkshire Horizons is an adult drug and alcohol recovery service.

Visit North Yorkshire Horizons website

North Yorkshire Council

Visit North Yorkshire Council for more information on helplines, counselling and urgent support.

Visit NYC website

Crisis Cafe

A safe space open to all experiencing crisis (16+ years).

Visit Mind website

Getting Urgent Help

If you’ve seriously injured yourself or taken an overdose call 999 or get immediate medical advice from NHS 111.

If you are in a crisis and feel like you can’t cope, speak to somebody straight away. Search below for help or see the Urgent Help page for contact details for the North Yorkshire single point of access Crisis Service.

Things you might find useful

Drug and Alcohol Support Service

If you are a young person who lives in North Yorkshire aged 10-18, or 19-24 with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) and need support around drugs or alcohol, Humankind has a free, friendly and confidential service. Please submit the referral form to [email protected].

Visit Humankind Call 01723 330730

Support service for under 25s

Non-judgmental facts and advice covering a range of topics including drugs, legal highs and the side effects to allow you to make the right decisions.

Visit The Mix website Call 0808 808 4994

Facts about drinking

Honest facts about alcohol to help you make better choices about your drinking.

Visit Drink Aware website

Al-Anon Family Groups

Support for people worried about someone with a drinking problem.

Visit Al-Anon website Call 0800 0086 811

Young Minds

Find out how drugs and alcohol can affect your mental health.

Visit Young Minds website

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